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This is a great Asset and is part of my Must Haves.


Even though it is advertised for Mobile, its power certainly exceeds that!


My only custom modification on its settings are:


Unticking the ‘Show On Exception’ tickbox in the Settings. This is in Assets/Opencoding/Console/Setting

and since I am using it for platform development (I’d like to be able to submit the report via email) however custom code needs to be done:


var filename = Application.temporaryCachePath + “/log_” + DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd HH.mm.ss”) + “.htm”;
LogHistory.Instance.Update(); // Makes sure the log is completely up-to-date
DebugConsole.Instance.ExportLog(filename, true, () =>
// Send your email here, attaching the file in ‘filename’
Or navigate to:  https://answers.unity.com/questions/433283/how-to-send-email-with-c.html for more details.
Since it’s a must have, this is the link to buy it.

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