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Master Audio

(Another great asset from Dark Tonic is Core GameKit)


This is for myself, sanity purposes… Sometimes I can’t keep track of everything, so little cheat notes are great.

I used to have Notes within Unity however if you then move onto a new project you’ll have to swap between the two.


The main “Event Sounds” I prefer to use are, Disabled, Enabled, Pool Spawned or DeSpawned (Note, Pooling events must be checked on script in order to have D/Spawned options… took me a few to figure that out). Sometimes even throw in one of those Visibile Invisible ones.


The one I need to note is Ambient sound, this is a great component for say a Projectile, so rather than Event Sound I use this.

There is this Video that explains it way better than I could.


I contacted the Author regarding the Ducking as I wasn’t sure how it impacts the Playlist (Background Music) and the response is rather simple:


All PlaylistControllers playing a song are automatically ducked in volume when those Sound Groups you specify play. It should be working and you should be able to see the volume of the Audio Source go lower for a bit on the Playlist controller when the sound first plays.

You can try tweaking the settings in that Duck group to be more extreme. Set volume cut to -12 and begin unstuck to 0.9.

I definitely use Unity’s Audio Mixer in conjunction with Master Audio.




This sums up my notes.

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