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Core GameKit

Yet another powerful asset by Dark Tonic (See Master Audio for other asset)


I have moved on from PoolManager onto this asset, mainly because PoolManager’s support was not very swift or responsive enough to follow up on things… Most importantly however it was because PoolBoss (which is included with Core GameKit) has all that and plus so much more!


It is extremely useful especially for me, since now I can spawn say arrows falling down the sky realistically and efficiently, so many endless possibilities..



Support has been extremely quick, literally thorough responses within couple of hours.


Sometimes it is good to refer to their Custom Events or Classes etc and get dirty with some coding 🙂


<code>LevelSettings.FireCustomEvent(string customEventName, Vector3 eventOrigin);</code>

using DarkTonic.CoreGameKit;

PoolBoss.SpawnInPool(“LightningBeamImpact”, hit.normal, _spawnQuat);



This is it for now.

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