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Making of RPR

This Page is currently in WIP

Here lays the blueprint of how RPR was created *high level*, referencing various assets that made life easier along the way.

Others were great as well, however the support was rather frustrating so I may have missed them on the list.

Pretty much everything was made within Unity with the exceptions of some Characters.

Notable Assets that I used for the game level creation, AI, etc:


Adventure Creator

Behavior Designer – Decided to use for future projects.

Master Audio AAA Sound

Simple Waypoint System


Space  Graphics Toolkit

Emerald AI

Must have assets: (not in priority order)

Advanced Player Prefs
Anti Cheat Toolkit
Asset Hunter 2
Demigiant (DoTween Pro) or Free Version
Opencoding (TouchConsole Pro) Check out my post on it as well
PlayMaker (Search for Custom Actions too)
Script Inspector 3
Simple Waypoint System (SWS)
Space Graphics Toolkit
Adventure Creator
Master Audio AAA Sound

Hierarchy asset… there are a few, pick one its a must have!

Certain parts of the process will be posted separately in its own Post, this will keep things straight.

First and foremost use AC to setup your scene, characters, movement methods etc. AC has extensive tutorials and pretty much anything you’d need, and the author (Chris) is amazing at support with infinite amounts of updates to meet the needs of its happy customers.

Create your Demo/Test level with maybe ProBuilder, ER or other. Each asset should have their own tutorials on how to use and it certainly won’t be covered here, if anything maybe certain options or how I used them to achieve a certain result.

Use Master Audio to setup the Audio for your scene.

Either Script or use PM to create your own game mechanism logic, such as on collision with tagged enemy kill player etc.

Use SGT to create the eye candy of the level.

Use BD to setup your AI and have it do what you want it to do. Note I wrote a little more in depth of what exactly I did to achieve my results with it... hopefully that helps you as well, it sure helps me.

I used Emerald AI to create my AI, only thing missing at the time was a combination between Range and Melee attacking.

As you can see I refer to everything here as the “Scene”, the main reason for this is because you want to be testing everything to make sure it is working how you want it work. This way once you have everything figured out, you can simply create a new scene ex: Intro, Level 1, 2 and so forth, and simply drag and drop your Prefabs into the scene and have a working game already.

Additional Notes:

  • If you love organizing a few must have assets then would be: Hirearchy (there are a few of those so chose the ones you prefer), Rainbow Colors (for folders… helps navigate with ease).
  • Master Audio Notes to self.

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