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Adventure Creator – Notes

These notes are for RPR specific but could be useful to others and/or my future project(s). KickStarter is where it’s at for most of my control main ones: (Page 372 in the manual) KickStarter.playerInput KickStarter.stateHandler KickStarter.mainCamera KickStarter.player KickStarter.settingsManager KickStarter.variablesManager I’ve got a tiny custom script to allow the player to […]

Master Audio

(Another great asset from Dark Tonic is Core GameKit)   This is for myself, sanity purposes… Sometimes I can’t keep track of everything, so little cheat notes are great. I used to have Notes within Unity however if you then move onto a new project you’ll have to swap between […]

Oculus Logs

This is a self note how to Gather all Oculus Logs.   C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusLogGatherer.exe   Oh but don’t you forget they’ll want you to check Compatibility regardless of the machine you have and the year(s) of usage with it..  🙄


This is a great Asset and is part of my Must Haves.   Even though it is advertised for Mobile, its power certainly exceeds that!   My only custom modification on its settings are:   Unticking the ‘Show On Exception’ tickbox in the Settings. This is in Assets/Opencoding/Console/Setting and since […]

Behavior Designer – RPR

NOTE: I have discontinued the use of BD for RPR release and will go back to BD once I have more time to play with it.   After a very thorough discussion and extensive support from Justin at Behavior Designer, I figured to use BD for my AI in the […]