Core GameKit

Yet another powerful asset by Dark Tonic (See Master Audio for other asset)   I have moved on from PoolManager onto this asset, mainly because PoolManager’s support was not very swift or responsive enough to follow up on things… Most importantly however it was because PoolBoss (which is included with […]

Emerald AI

RPR utilized Emerald AI for certain NPCs in game.   Here are random stuff gathered that may be useful pertaining to Emerald AI.   On Death for the NPC Spawn/DeSpawn sample for Pool Boss On death Respawner Timer To be continued…   Currently I find out what animation is […]

Useful Unity Things to Remember

Here are things that I would normally forget as I do not use them often. [MenuItem(“KZ/What we doing)] static void WeDoingThis() { Debug.Log(“We Did it!”); } When you want to exclude only part of a script you can enclose it in compiler flags. // Runtime code here #if UNITY_EDITOR // […]

Adventure Creator – Notes

These notes are for RPR specific but could be useful to others and/or my future project(s). KickStarter is where it’s at for most of my control main ones: (Page 372 in the manual) KickStarter.playerInput KickStarter.stateHandler KickStarter.mainCamera KickStarter.player KickStarter.settingsManager KickStarter.variablesManager I’ve got a tiny custom script to allow the player to […]


This is a great Asset and is part of my Must Haves.   Even though it is advertised for Mobile, its power certainly exceeds that!   My only custom modification on its settings are:   Unticking the ‘Show On Exception’ tickbox in the Settings. This is in Assets/Opencoding/Console/Setting and since […]